Tafara rhino born 2016

Another baby rhino born at Imire!

We are pleased, proud and relieved to announce the safe arrival of a miracle of hope and happiness, our newest black rhino calf, Tafara.

Our oldest female black rhino, Kamuchacha, gave birth to her baby girl in the early hours of the morning on 12th of December 2016. Her arrival was not a straightforward event of course, as she broke out of the Imire boundary fence to give birth, and then hid her baby in thick bush.

Thanks to Game Park Manager, Reilly Travers,​ and his amazing team of men, under the guidance of Senior Rhino Handler Ganizani Mosiwa, both mum and baby are back within the Imire fence and quietly getting on with the business of bonding, amidst the most perfect summer rain storms.

The new Imire baby has been named Tafara, which means “We are joyful” or “We are rejoicing” in Shona – truly how we are all feeling at the moment!


We are overjoyed to end a long, hard 2016 with such an encouraging and positive event.

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